About Us


Bryce and Jennifer Dahl family

bryce and jen dahl

are proud of their Kereru Kindy centres and thrilled to be part of the communities they serve.

They have owned early learning centres since 2007, and decided originally to buy their first centre because of their own experience as parents with children in childcare and preschool.

They had a clear vision of their centres as hubs of the community, where parents are welcomed and treated as friends, and children grow up together in a calm, learning-focused environment. This is what they and their teams strive for at each Kereru Kindy, and this collaborative approach is often commented on by the ERO.

Bryce and Jen have no plans to open more centres – preferring quality over quantity, and allowing them some work/life balance to focus on their own family.



our core values

Our mission is to give children the very best start. To help them begin the school journey as competent and confident learners, secure and healthy in mind, body and spirit.


  • Quality care and education for all
  • Partnership with Families
  • Commitments to Communities
  • Proudly Bicultural
Young girl smiling at her teacher
country flags in classroom

our community involvement

Community Projects and Fundraisers – Kereru Kindy believes in community. We get behind causes and involve ourselves in raising funds for groups that need our support.

Centre trips and visits – we love having our families join us when we venture out into the wider community. We believe parent support enhances the child’s experience. Parents are always very welcome at the centre and we embrace family/whanau input in our children’s projects and learning activities.

Parent feedback – will be actively encouraged: formally through parent surveys; informally through all other opportunities and interactions.